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Noemi Daugaard

SNSF Film Colors
PhD Candidate
University of Zurich
Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Linguistics, Film Studies and Art History (2013) and Master of Arts in Film Studies (2015). Since 2016 PhD candidate at the University of Zurich in the framework of the SNSF research project Film Colors. Technologies, Cultures, Institutions. My research investigates the emergence of early color film technologies (1890-1940) and their interrelation with cultural norms, discursive practices and ideological currents. I am particularly interested in notions and negotiations of identity in relation to discourses on beauty, consumption, skin color, and nationalism, as well as in the epistemological foundations that feed into the development of color film technology. Furthermore, I’m a regular contributor to the Timeline of Historical Film Colors (https://filmcolors.org/).
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